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Why You Need WHY

As I arrive at 4,000 episodes of the Daily Boost on my way to my goal of 5,000, I’ve been thinking about WHY I do this program instead of what I initially planned.

You have no doubt heard that grand goals require that you completely understand WHY you’re going after a goal to succeed.

Folks in my world tend to simplify it by asking, “What’s your why?”

The first reason to know WHY you want to do something is that everything is always more complicated than you initially imagine it would be to accomplish. Without a strong WHY, you’ll give up.

But, many folks forget that a real WHY may hide from you.

A long time ago, when I was in the first couple hundred or so Daily Boost episodes, I with a mentor of mine. He asked WHY I was focused on a speaking career when I enjoyed the podcast?

I jokingly said, “To get me out of the house?”

Yes, I was half kidding. But frankly, I’m was happy with my life and had nothing to prove by getting on stage. That isn’t a driver for me.

He didn’t buy my answer.

After a bit more conversation, he said, “You’re not excited about the business of speaking. You don’t like it. You’re excited about the impact you can have on your audience, no matter how you get it. Focus on your result, wherever it may happen.

Wow! Boom! Bang! KaPOW!

Now, if I’m honest, I already knew that. However, it’s easy to get caught up in the process and forget – or not admit to yourself what is truly driving you.

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