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Scott Logic
Spoken Here.

Who Is

Scott Smith?

Over the past 17 years, Scott has built a following of millions of listeners via his long-running Daily Boost Podcast.

Every day, for 5,000+ episodes, success and happiness seekers soak up their daily dose of Scott’s straight-talking, realistic, humorous, and highly effective lessons – otherwise known as Scott LOGIC. 

The Daily Boost is one of the most popular personal growth podcasts ever.

Scott’s daily focus is an unrelenting drive that a fun, fulfilling, and adventure-filled life of your choosing and design is possible for everybody – as long as you are willing to STAND UP, TAKE A STEP, and REPEAT until you get what you want, no matter what gets in the way.

Thousands of people experience his wisdom daily through courses, coaching, mastermind groups, stage presentation, books, and more.

Scott's Story (His words)

Early in my life, I realized I had a unique spirit that seemed to drive my actions invisibly. While it helped me achieve my goal of driving my parents and teachers crazy, even as a young man, I knew it held more power.

This rebellious and adventuresome power living within and giving me the ability to choose a more contrarian path was something I saw as my superpower – and it needed to be exploited in every way possible.


Because after spending my entire childhood watching everybody around me living, what looked like a tedious and mundane life, I was determined to find another way. Frankly, the last thing I wanted was to wake up at 40 years old, wondering what happened to all of my dreams.

Graduation Couldn't Come Soon Enough

Shortly after relieving my guidance counselor of their daily responsibility of keeping me under control, my adulting life started when I decided to follow my adventurous side and, with virtually no notice, grabbed my backpack, jumped on my motorcycle, and announced to my parents that I was heading to a broadcast school in Fort Lauderdale to become a world-famous disc jockey. (Don’t worry. They were used it me by then.)

After 800 miles on the road, I found myself in a small efficiency and beginning my Big Time Radio Disc Jockey training – until, after just a few days, I learned how life can get in the way of your dreams. 

I met a girl.

Sheryl and I met at a movie theatre concession stand where she served popcorn with a side of blue eyes, blond hair, and a smile. Already smitten, my adventurous side kicked in, and I decided that while still in school, without a real job, the approval of nobody, not a penny in the bank, and a future that was just a dream living in my head, that I had just met the girl I would marry – something that happened only two years later to the thrills of everybody.

Life Happens Whe You're Not Paying Attention

The following 20 years flew by the same way they do for all newlyweds who become parents, buy a house, go to work, pay the bills, somehow hold their relationship together, and keep their dreams alive, all with the promise that someday when you become OLD at 40, the kids would leave the house… and… we would be free to build our dream life. (wink-wink)

Now, don’t get me wrong. 

I believe everything happens for a reason and serves us somehow. And we all know the power of a pretty girl in a bikini to turn a young man into a husband and a father and build a fantastic life. The life wisdom gained during those times, while still pushing toward my dreams, makes us feel alive.

During those two decades, we raised our children. We followed my radio career – including a stint at the Motivation Station in Pompano Beach, Florida, where I spent my days presenting 3-minute clips from the greatest speakers in the world. From motivation and leadership to happiness, sales, and more, my job was to learn from every message and add my commentary between clips. I didn’t know it, but a seed was planted when I became a Motivational Disc Jockey.

Life Gets in The Way... BIG TIME!

After a visit to the dermatologist, Sheryl got the news that she had cancer. It was Malignant Melanoma, and the next six months were a blur of activity that had us living between miracles happening and the outcome we had always heard about surviving cancer.

 While we were optimistic in our fight, with surgery looming, my gut told me we needed additional support. More to the point, a bottle of wine a night, not sleeping or working out, and fast food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner wasn’t cutting it.

At the time, I was working as a voiceover artist, operating my radio and television production company, and working part-time at a local radio station when my Boss called…

“I just heard that Tony Robbins is coming to town, and we can get free tickets. Are you interested?”

“I’ll take two!” I said.

I’ve always lived my life knowing that our emotional state of mind can change instantly, and mine certainly did, and a few weeks later, we were in the arena with the music thumping, soaking up the empowering vibe, when my wife turned to me and said…

“You know, you can do that too! You can help people like Tony does.”

In that instant, I knew she was right. I didn’t realize that the crazy adventure we were both experiencing would reveal a new emotional, physical, and spiritual path that would pave the way for my future career.

With surgery a success, we resumed everyday life, and one of our favorite ways to solve the world’s problems was spending hours at a local coffee shop daily planning our future. One day, Sheryl shared more of her ‘Wisdom of the Wife’…

“You’re good at talking and helping others. Why don’t you open a coffee to do that every day!”

I had a better idea.

“Why don’t I find a way to help others, wherever they are, while we all drink a cup of coffee and skip the hassle of owning a shop?”

Now you know why the Daily Boost logo is a steaming cup of coffee.

One the next few years, I trained in Hypnosis, NLP, health, fitness, wellness, motivational theory, and transformational coaching – using my new skills on myself and my wife. I even accepted a job as a kickboxing instructor. Not only could I use my Black Belt, but I could also directly impact hundreds of people every week. It was my sweaty motivation stage, and it was a huge success. Still, I couldn’t help but wonder how can I help all those people NOT in the gym.

Pod What?

In late 2004, I was randomly Googling when I discovered the brand-new invention of Podcasting. I knew instantly that I had a way to reach more people. And I’ll never forget walking into our living room and telling my wife about this thing called ‘podcasting.’ All she could say was, “Pod, what?”

My future was set from that moment, and I launched my first Motivation To Move podcast. Things were going so well that I set a date to officially launch my business on September 6, 2006—the same day we received news that my wife’s cancer had returned.

Time Time, it Was Terminal.

Wouldn’t you know it?

 Just as my master plan was coming together, life got in the way in the most insidious way possible – making the next three months a whirlwind of activity that only happens when family and friends come together to fight for life itself while preparing for what we know deep within our hearts will arrive before we are ready.

Sheryl passed on December 6, 2006.

After taking a few weeks off to get my head together, I realized that continuing to produce my podcast would benefit me. After all, I had been sharing our entire three-month journey already, and judging from my email; it impacted people worldwide. To this day, I can’t tell you how I found the personal motivation to get behind a microphone so soon after, but I was driven, and my message was clear…

Life Begin When You Move

Over my life, I’ve learned that anything is possible when you move, AND… that life will always get in the way, and you will have to fight for the win. Still, when you stand up, take a step, and repeat… you can get anything you want.

Years later, my Daily Boost podcast has been in continuous daily production since January 1, 2007, and has amassed over 70 million downloads and nearly 5,000 episodes. Along the way, I’ve had the opportunity to coach and mentor hundreds of personal clients, thousands of people in my coaching groups, millions via my podcast, spoken on stage around the world, written a book, and lived my chosen life.

Today, I’ve been married to Joi for 15 years and live in the Daytona Beach area. We enjoyed seeing our four kids graduating through higher education, professional careers, three marriages, several homes, and four grandchildren.

I’m an instrument-rated pilot, have a karate black belt, and competed with my dog Levi to earn an Agility Championship. We’ve lived, traveled, and worked in our motorhomes, and Joi and I enjoy our paddle boards, hiking, biking, trips to the beach, rides on my Harley-Davidson Road King, and spoiling our kids and pets.

Joi loves to exercise and has completed as a bodybuilder. She’s a great cook and passionate about living long and healthy lives. She’s also the backbone of our business and keeps me energized and motivated.

If you can’t already tell, I am passionate about living a fun, exciting, and meaningful life, no matter what gets in the way. My goal is to do things that fuel my purpose and allow me to wake up, have a great day, sleep, have great dreams, and do it all over again.

I’m happy you found me. I can’t wait to help you do the same.