Daily Coaching For Daily Success

Clarify Your Purpose • Breakthrough Obstacles • Stay Motivated

Coaching You Want.

Results You Expect.

Clarify Your Purpose • Breakthrough Obstacles • Stay Motivated

Daily Coaching For Daily Success

Clarify Your Purpose • Breakthrough Obstacles • Stay Motivated

Coaching You Want.

Coaching You Want.

Clarify Your Purpose • Breakthrough Obstacles • Stay Motivated

Do You Want To...

Discover Your Purpose, Your WHY, and Your Passion

Take Control of Your Schedule And Design Your Perfect Day

Get Focused, Eliminate Distraction, Build Momentum

Stop Procrastinating and Break Bad Habits

Reduce Your Stress And Find More Happiness

Make More Money And Enjoy More Time Off

Hi. My name is Scott Smith. 

I'm the Founder of Motivation To Move, Host of the Daily Boost Podcast, an expert at helping you get more out of your day.

Everybody wants more out of life, but how do you make that happen when every day is crazier than the one before? 

Frankly, it takes knowing what you want, having a plan, and the guidance of a Coach who has already walked your path. 

Daily Boost Premium Coaching is just that - a daily coaching and motivation system that will give you coaching and support you want.  It will also nudge you forward one-day-at-a-time.

My goal is simple.  I want to help you figure out what you want and support you while you make it happen. 

Daily Boost Premium Coaching is how you make sure you get what you want.

Daily Boost Podcast

Plus... Build a Solid Foundation

Daily Boost Premium Coaching will keep you moving every day, but also access to my Face Your Passion course.

Created to replicate the work I do with my personal coaching clients, this transformational course will help you establish a solid foundation. 

The more you grow - the more successful you become!


What's Included?

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  • Daily Boost Premium
    When you join, Scott Smith becomes your Coach and Mentor every Monday through Friday on this members-only podcast. Delivered in Scott's trademark "Word, Wisdom, and Wisecracks" style, getting what you want in life has never been more fun, useful, and flat out effective. Different than our iTunes edition, Daily Boost Premium is 100% commercial-free, longer, more in depth, and highly motivating.
  • Daily Nugget Email
    Wake up to a short and to the point Daily Nugget email waiting in your inbox. It's a great way to keep yourself motivated when you don't have time to listen to our members-only podcasts. Coming in at only 160 words, Daily Nuggets are a member favorite and pack a solid motivational punch! You'll find yourself reading them again and again.
  • Daily Clicks
    Every day Scott will send a Daily Clicks to smartphone to keep you moving. Only 160 characters, you'll be amazing how Scott can transform your mood and mindset in less than 2 seconds.
  • Face Your Passion Course
    Is it time that you find your purpose? Face Your Passion is our cornerstone personal development course purposefully designed to help you figure out what you want in life, and show you how to make it happen. POWERFUL stuff!
  • BIG Library and Effortless Listening
    It's easier to get what you want when, frankly, things are EASY! That's why you can listen to our programs on our website or via RSS feeds. Plus, you'll find at least 90 days worth of archives on the site at all times for when you feel the need to binge.
  • Priority Customer Service Access
    When you have a question and you need an answer, Priority Access will allow you to cut to the front of the line. Customer Services or Coaching questions? How about a little extra nudge from your Coach when you need it? We'll be here for you when you need us.

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"Many people who aspire to live a better life find themselves confused, frustrated and not knowing what steps to take, so we developed a program to help them find clarity, create a plan, and become who they were meant to be. Once you get clarity - motivation is an automatic result.  There's no stopping it." 

- Scott Smith

Don't let life get in the way! Our FREE worksheet and instructional video will help you take control of your schedule, stay focused, and create the lifestlye you deserve.  Download it now!

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