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My Name is, Scott.

I'm the Chief Motivating Officer of Motivation To Move and host of the Daily Boost podcast. I am not your typical motivational speaker kind of guy - because it's not anything I ever thought of doing. LIFE moved me in that direction.

I started my professional life as a Top 40 DJ. You can hear that influence in my voice. While I loved radio, it didn't take long to figure out I wanted to make a bigger difference in people's lives. I also wanted more fun, flexibility, and freedom in my life. As a long-time student of personal development, I decided to do what makes my heart sing, take a leap of faith, and change careers. That was over 20-years ago and I've never looked back.

Now, with 48 million downloads and thousands of members around the world, I get to help lots of folks do the same.

Motivation To Move is a place you can turn to when you need coaching, motivation, wise advice, and support.

More than traditional Personal Growth tools like apps, motivational quotes, or attending seminars - you will have the tools you need to navigate the excitement and challenges that happen as you work toward creating the life of your dream - every day.

No games, no gimmicks, no hype. Motivation To Move is real, been-there-done-that coaching, and motivation that you can start using right now.


"Thank you for all your motivational messages through here and the Daily Boost. I keep seeing positive, awesome things happen in my life and that wouldn't have happened if I had been stuck in my rut I was in earlier this year!"

Lisa Fortesue - MacClenny, FL

Stand Up. Take a Step. REPEAT!

The core of Motivation To Move is our Daily Motivation program, and it supports our stand up, take a step, repeat philosophy. It's the world's simplest recipe for success - IF you can get yourself to do it - right? No worries. We can take care of that by starting every day with these powerful tools...

Daily Boost Podcast

The 9-minute, member-only Daily Boost Podcast is where you learn new skills, reinforce your success mindset, see the world in a positive way, and let your Coach pump you up for the day. You'll also get a few laughs too!


Repetition is the mother of all skills. That's why we summarize the message from our podcast into the 160 words Daily Nugget email. You'll be greeted to a powerful message at 5 AM every morning.


There's nothing better than getting a personal text message from somebody who cares about your success. Look for us to send the Daily Click to your smartphone every morning at 8:30 AM in your timezone.

FREE Coaching Included...

Focusing your daily actions so that they are aligned to your values, dreams, and goals is how you get the most out of life, but you also need more. That's why we include our 9-hour Face Your Passion course to help you build a strong self-improvement foundation. And, because sometimes you may want to work with a coach, you'll also be invited to our Member Coaching Calls on ZOOM. It's not a webinar - it's a full-blown coaching session designed to give you the breakthroughs you need. Best of all, it's included when you join.


Yes. This Will Work For You!

We all know the world is getting busier and more competitive every day. Guiding you through this ever-changing craziness while carving out time to truly enjoy life is the reason do what we do.

  • If you are wondering if Motivation To Move will work for you, my honest answer is that I don't know. I do know this.
  • If you believe that you deserve a better life and are committed to creating a better experience...
  • If you promise yourself to give it your best and refuse to stop - no matter what gets in your way...

Yes. Motivation To Move will work for you.

My job is to serve as your guide, keep you motivated, answer your questions, and stick with you until you get what you want - and I won't give up on you.

It's time to stand up, take a step, and REPEAT!

I look forward to seeing your success.


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