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My name is SCOTT SMITH. I’m the Chief Motivating Officer at MotivationToMove.com and my job is simple…

I’m here to motivate, inspire, teach, lead, kick-you-in-butt, and, in general, provide you with a little little gentle directional manipulation so that you make your life freaking awesome – and I’ll do anything in my power to make that happen. Make you laugh, cry, mad, happy, whatever it takes. Most importantly, my desire it to help get you moving in the direction of your dreams right now. LIFE begins when you MOVE!

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Every day since 2006, I’ve slipped between the ears of millions of folks around the world with The Daily Boost Podcast – the most downloaded self-help podcast in the history of iTunes. The Daily Boost redefines what most folks think about motivation – and over ONE MILLION folks can’t get enough of my words, wisdom, wisecracks, and… if I do say so myself… completely engaging style.

The Daily Boost is like me. It’s upbeat and positive… funny and wise… real-life and in-your-face,  dramatic,  and HIGHLY effective. Listen FREE on iTunes!

Expert Coaching & Mentorship
Watching and listening to me is an energetic and fun experience – which makes it easy to overlook the foundation of wisdom, experience, and ScottLOGIC that drives the magic.  If you are seeking guidance, mentorship, accountability, strategy, focus, and a fun and reward experience, my Coaching program of discovery, strategic planning, and implementation may just be what you are looking for to shape your success. Why not schedule a call to see if working with me is a good fit for you?

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Say NO to boring, non-relevant motivation. I’ll rivet your audience to their seats with dynamic storytelling, multimedia magic, and lots of natural humor. (No jokes. Wisecracks included with no extra charge.) When my ScottLOGIC kicks in with real-life strategies, your audience will know they came to the right place.

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