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Life Begins When You Move

My Mission is to Keep You MOVING

…toward the life of your dreams — no matter WHAT gets in the way.

While everybody has different dreams and goals, becoming motivated and maintaining them, clearly defining your goals, and structuring a path to your dreams is the secret to happiness and success.

While there are many ways, I believe that turning it into reality comes down the three elements:

  • Slowing down and simplifying your focus — something that’s hard to do in today’s world.
  • Exploring the possibilities of life so that you can face your passion, discover your purpose, and do what makes your heart sing as a way of life.
  • Create true freedom by intently living YOUR purpose, controlling your time, and developing the financial strength to live the life of your dreams.

The day-to-day goal of everybody around here is simple; design and live your perfect day, spend your time on actions that fulfill and fuel your purpose, make a difference in the world, and build a legacy that will make you proud – no matter what gets in the way.

What We Believe

We believe anything is possible.

We believe Life Begins When You Move. Nothing happens until you move.

We believe that Life Gets in the way. It’s how you deal with it that counts.

We believe in doing what makes your heart sing.

We believe in the right things. If we mess up, we adjust and try again.

We believe in challenging ourselves to be better… even though it may scare us.

We believe that you should choose your path

We believe in people and their dreams.

We believe in being nice… and expect others to do the same.

We believe Values and meaningful Goals are the heartbeats of a happy life.

We believe in always being positive… even if others don’t understand why.

We meet people where they are.

We do what we say we’ll do.

We make lemonade out of lemons.

We keep things simple.

We love exploring the possibilities life offers – until we figure out what works for us.

We believe our simple success recipe: Stand Up…Take a Step… REPEAT.