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Accepting Your Passion

Accepting your passion and deciding to make it a day-to-day reality will make today the best day of your life. 

Opportunity Discrimination

It’s easy to look at almost any opportunity and justify a path, especially if you are being persuaded by someone else. It’s more difficult to make a choice.

What’s Your Long Game?

Over the years I’ve learned that amazing results can happen quickly through hard work and focus. The best results seem to arrive once you have proven yourself to others through over time.

Listening to Yourself First

The world we live in today makes it seem as though it’s impossible to get what you want without others. There are endless hours of interacting, Googling, ZOOMing, Texting, and more. It’s as if we’ve lost permission to think and do for ourselves. We can’t move forward without the social approval of those around us when the exact opposite is true.

4 Types of Clarity You Need

When it comes to understanding what you want in life, I believe in the power of simplicity.  Simple works. It’s the key to unlocking the 4 types of Clarity that lead to success.  

Steps to Achieve Greatness

Instead of rushing through life, why not change your mindset and actions? It’s time to become the person you were meant to be. 

How to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You

The trick is to focus your attention and actions on what you want to attract. That will require a dedicated effort. Vision Boards, lists of Goals, daily journaling are all great ways to stay on track.  

Starting Over 

It’s not about learning more. It’s about taking control of the basics and using what you already know.

How to Discover What’s Blocking You

Examining your finances, jobs, relationships, responsibilities, and dreams for a few hours can be eye-opening. It’s also the only way to deal with many of the demons that hold us back.

Caring What People Think is Holding You Back

Nobody in the world knows your true inner self. They only see what you present. If you’re getting pushback, it’s because of what you’ve been presenting. Change that, and everything else changes.