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How to Accept Your True Purpose

Today, I predict that there is a question floating deep within your mind that’s going to pop up and demand your attention very soon. 

What’s the question?

Is this all there is? 

Isn’t my life supposed to be more?

Am I destined for something bigger than myself?

Okay. That’s three questions… and you may be hearing all of them.

Always remember –

Discovering YOU is not so much a search. It’s more of an acceptance.

It’s about accepting WHO you are by being honest about your past actions.

It’s accepting WHAT you do when you’re doing you. It’s not a thing; it’s a feeling.

It’s accepting WHEN you want to be true to yourself. 

Discovering your true self doesn’t require a life-long search. It’s a matter of accepting your daily actions as your choice. If you don’t like them – change them.

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