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How To Start Your Side Hustle

Every day I spend time on the phone with excited folks who know they are close to getting what they want. They can’t figure out how to get their hands on it. 

Let’s start with:

1) Anything you want in this world is owned or controlled by somebody else.

2) If you want their help, you will have to get their attention.

It always comes down to three things. In this order:

1) What problem are they having? No, it may not relate to you. It doesn’t matter. If you can help, you will get their attention.

2) What’s your solution? How can you fix it? When can you fix it? You’ll know when you are close when you see the excitement in their eyes.

3) What’s your offer? What must they do to get you to help? What do you want? 

It’s simple.

Address another person’s problems with a robust solution and an offer they can’t refuse. That’s a real win-win.