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Non-Optional Time Suckers

It happens to all of us. We’re going about our day, hot on the trail of checking off items on our never-ending To-Do list. Then, we discovered that we didn’t get everything done before time ran out.  When my son was entering the workforce, we would often find time to catch up on weekends. He […]

How to Set Expectations and Get Results

I can’t remember a time in my life when expectations didn’t significantly impact every minute and hour of every day of my life. No matter who you are, you have a million expectations inside your mind — and don’t get me started about expectations that others have for you.  Years ago, I developed an awareness […]

Two Words That Will Change Your Life: Slow Down

While recovering from Total Hip Replacement, I engaged with a client on a Zoom call. He shared one of his favorite sayings, “Slow is fast, fast is slow,” which made me angry. Why? First Responders practice “Slow is fast, fast is slow” all the time, so you never see them running to the scene. Pacing […]

Total Control: Pre-Planned Responses

Imagine if you could always know what to say in any situation.  Having the right thing to say is possible. The trick is to think about all the possible ways a conversation may go and create a Pre-Planned Response. The secret is to work it from every angle until you have covered everything possible. Leave no stone […]

Mapping Your Success

Have you ever heard people preach, “Get out of your comfort zone, try new things, always stretch!”   While true, it’s only part of the story. Look at anybody who has achieved goals and maintained success over a period, and you’ll find: 1) Motivation. Successful people do whatever they can to stay motivated. It’s not an […]

Productivity Efficiency

I think it’s time we stop seeking more productivity. It’s too much work! I prefer being more efficient and effective.   Here are a couple of ideas that will help: 1) Say “No” to meetings if possible. If you must, keep them short and sweet. 2) Delay paying attention to incoming communication. It’s nothing more than somebody else’s to-do […]

How To KNOW You Are a Success

Have you ever had a crazy day that involved putting out fires and wondering when it would be time to go home? And did I mention you were doing what you love and want to be doing successfully? Why is it that life gets crazier when things go well? There’s a simple answer. No matter […]

You Don’t Need Plan B

Have you ever wondered how the most successful people in the world get that way? Could it be their timing is right?   Do they “know” somebody?  Luck? That’s it. They get lucky! Maybe, but I think there is more to it. Every person I’ve ever known who achieved remarkable success did three things: 1) […]

There is Always a Way

When life gets in the way, do you get frustrated about being blocked?   I used to be that way. Something changed. I learned long ago that getting blocked would be an everyday occurrence. And, the bigger my goals, the more blocks would arrive. I could live with endless frustrations – or find a better […]

Living Your Default Mode

Would you like to make life easier for yourself and everybody around you? It’s time to establish a “Personal Default Mode.” Success in all areas of life smooths out when you know what to expect of yourself. It gets better when others know what to expect of you. A “Personal Default Mode” is a consistent […]