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Fuel Your Fire For Sustained Motivation

After stepping into the adult world, it didn’t take long to realize that not much had changed. It turns out it wasn’t my parents. It was like turning down my requests. Life was getting in the way. What was even worse was that I was getting in my way.

Happiness Doesn’t Require Permission

Her stories of landing on the beaches of North Carolina were thrilling. Flying Solo before an arriving hurricane was captivating. We’ll forget that she 3-days short of being legally old enough. Her adventurous spirit took control. With a hurricane coming, she wasn’t going to ask for permission. She took command, and it put her in the record books.

10 Perspective Changing Questions

Long ago, I realized that life is nothing more than a giant scavenger hunt. Yes, life is full of questions, and it’s long enough for you to figure out all the essential answers. And the winners are the people who figure out the solution you seek.

Scripted Goal Setting

While I love a good spontaneous day, I’ve learned that the more scripted and predictable my day, the less stress I have and the more I get done. All that means is that I know what I’ll be doing throughout the day, when I’ll be doing it, and what time I’m done for the day. Frankly, I can usually tell you what I’ll be doing weeks in advance. Maybe that’s why I never need to check my calendar when somebody asks me when I’m available for a meeting. I already know because everything is already in place.

The Best To-Do List EVER!

Don’t get me wrong, when you are inside any project, you may need a list. I can’t imagine myself in the kitchen without a recipe to follow. To-do lists have their place. For everything else, there’s something better.

Are You Listening to Yourself?

When you go “Dark,” you have chosen to listen to others less. You are still listening, caring, and interacting with those around you. You’ve decided to listen to yourself twice as much instead.

Living in Default Mode

Living in Default Mode makes life predictable for you and everybody around you. It limits decision-making and establishes continuity. It’s a behavior that reduces stress and improves happiness. And studies show that most people will default when a good option is readily available.