Exploring What’s Possible

I’ve spent the last couple of days saying things like —

“What do you do when you are doing you, and your purpose is to find your purpose?”

Now, I realize that something so simple is also something most people will ignore. 

I also realized that for some people, as soon they begin reading and realize they’ve already heard it, tune out and open the next email. 

That’s unfortunate.

Studies have long ago proven that repetition is the Mother of all skills. Yes, it takes time to learn new things and master them. But getting a new skill is not the value of repetition — it’s the doors it opens.

When you opened my email yesterday, you were a different person than now. And tomorrow you will be different than you will be by the end of the week.

As you explore your day, you’ll figure out what doesn’t work, lock in what does, and update your worldview. You will see things differently.

The wisdom you collect will transform your personality as you explore your life and you will begin becoming the person you are meant to be.

Of course, this should be no surprise since you’ve been doing it your entire life. 

But what if you purposefully did it every day?

What if you chose to purposefully explore all the possibilities of your life in hope that it will lead to your destination?

What if you explored the possibilities with full faith and trust that you are following your path, the correct path, and the one that will lead you to everything you desire?

It’s not a what IF. It’s what IS. 

It’s your choice to make that happen.

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