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Your Purpose is to Find Your Purpose

This time of year most people are setting Big Ass Goals and working on the daily baby steps it takes to achieve those goals. It’s an activity that has proven effective ever since humans figured out that we are hard-wired to seek purpose in our lives.

Let’s pause for a light-hearted lecture, shall we?

If you are not setting goals that excite you and establishing small habits that make them a reality, you may as well skip into a Las Vegas casino and trust that the ‘house’ has your back and is setting you up for the big win.

I have news for you. That’s not their Purpose, so you better know yours.

But wait?

What if I don’t know my Purpose?

A long time ago, I realized that it was well beyond my pay grade to know somebody else’s purpose so I began giving this advice —

“If you don’t know your purpose, your purpose is to find your purpose.”

As simple as it sounds, it’s amazing how freeing it can be to realize that searching for what you want is living on purpose.

Psychologists define Purpose as a stable and generalized intention to accomplish something personally meaningful that simultaneously leads to productive engagement with some aspect of the world beyond the self.

What could be more meaningful than happily seeking your Purpose through daily activity?

Yes, maybe one day you’ll find the purpose you are seeking, or maybe, you’ve already found it. That’s something to consider, for sure.