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You Were Born to Do YOU

Can you imagine what might happen if you dared to think like your true self, act your true self, and share your true self? 

That makes you smile – right?

Or maybe you feel that living from the inside out and being fully authentic with the world is self-centered, egotistical, and not how you should be.

Still, I bet you’re smiling, at least a little, at the thought.

You were born with two things that are yours, and you alone to use as you see fit – or not.

The first is Free Will, and without digging into the spiritual and scientific reasons, no matter what happens in your life, you are always doing things YOUR way.

Even if you feel that your destiny is pre-determined, you will do it YOUR way. 

Imagine what would happen if you choose to do the things you love and do them your way.

You were also born with a Unique Ability that you don’t share with anybody else. It has always been there and will never leave you.

Imagine what would happen if you were to choose to use it in everything you do.

The next time you second-guess yourself, remember to ask yourself one simple question —

“What do you do when you’re doing YOU?”

When nobody is telling you what to do, when you’re on your own to fill your time, when you are making the rules, what do you like to do, and how do you want to do it?

It’s okay to be yourself. I promise that nobody is judging you. In fact, they are most likely waiting for you to show up.

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