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You Should be Unapologetically Unreasonable

Are you a reasonable person? Maybe it is time for you to change.

A reasonable person settles for the mundane and says, “It IS what it IS!” 

An unreasonable person says, “That’s fine, but I don’t like it that way, and I don’t accept it!” They change people’s perception of what is. They create a different reality. They don’t accept the norms.

Someone once told an off-color joke at a dinner party being held by Maya Angelou.

She stopped the party and said, “I don’t have that in my house. You will have to leave. Even after an apology, she stood her ground.

“That’s fine, that’s for another time, but for today, you have to leave.”

Some people are so afraid to offend that they are willing to be reasonable.

Be UNREASONABLE about your beliefs.

Take a stand and become known for it!

The world wants you to be reasonable and fit in. Don’t do it. Be unreasonable!

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