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You Don’t Need a WHY

A friend and I were chewing the fat a while back about getting what we wanted out of life. It’s a common topic among my friends and should be among yours. It makes sense; what you focus on is what you get – right?

As we talked, I realized that as I’ve bumbled and stumbled through a very colorful life, I’ve also stumbled upon a simple idea.

Getting what you want in life requires that you know what you want. But what happens when you have no idea how the best things arrived in your life?

I get that kind of thinking blows away the theory of WHY most of us talk about. Yes, your WHY is how you get you through when things get tough. Sometimes, it’s the only thing that will. 

But in my world, I’ve learned something else.

Sometimes, the most happiness we find comes when we’re entirely unaware of WHY we are doing whatever we are doing.


And I can’t tell you how often my wife has asked, “Why are you doing that?” My answer is usually, I’m not sure. I guess it needed to be done.

So, as I sit here listening to ‘Girl Named Toms’ Christmas album, I can’t help but wonder what magic you are missing out on because you are spending too much time seeking a mystical WHY instead of honoring the choices you have already made in your life.

My ScottLogic tells me that when you explore the possibilities when they arrive in your life, without thinking about it, and go with the flow, you will be happier – even though you might not admit it.

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