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Year-End Success Hacks (Part Two)

Year-End Success Hacks (Part Two)

Yesterday we spent a few minutes on practical ways to succeed in the future. 

Here are a few actions that will provide a HUGE advantage over almost everybody.

Oh, you may not like these no-brainer daily practices – but they will make you a peak performer:

1) Eat right. 67% of the population eats fast food daily. 60% are obese. Simply eating a better diet will deliver an energetic and mindset boost.

2) Exercise. 77% of the population does not exercise beyond daily duties. 100% of top performers exercise. Which do you want to be?

3) Sleep lots. You need 8-10 hours of sleep per night. The average is now less than 6 hours. You’ll have more energy than 60% of the population by going to bed a little earlier.

4) Be careful with alcohol—77% of adults drink – 50% regularly. One glass of wine will stop real progress. More than that, you’ll be less productive the next day. People who do that for a lifetime have no chance of reaching their dreams.

Being more “Gooder than Badder” on these items will give you an advantage over 70.25% of the population. Who said you could never catch a break? 

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