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Why You Should Act 16 Again

Growing up sure can get in the way of your dreams. It’s sad how so many goals get pushed aside for daily responsibilities. 

Think about this –

When you were 16, the only freedoms you enjoyed were what your parents allowed. When you grow up, you have total freedom and complete control.

If you could live today like you were 16, it might look like this –

You would go to school and educate yourself.

Your friends would be real friends. Not just people you met at the office.

You would dream about your future.

You would be excited about what was to come in life.

You wouldn’t be allowed to drink. Your mind would be clear.

You would embrace having fun for the fun of it.

You couldn’t and wouldn’t get in debt.

You would sleep—a lot.

The job you have today would have felt like a prison. Does it?

You would busy yourself all day with LIFE.

You don’t have to be 16 again. But imagine how much fun you could have if you knew then…what you know now… and used it all today?