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Why You Hold Back

I was sitting at the dining room table of a friend. We had been solving the problems of the world in an hours-long conversation when she asked,

“What are you talking about on tomorrow’s podcast?”

When I told her that I hadn’t thought about it yet, she said, 

“Why don’t you talk about why people don’t take big chances and stay in their comfort zone for their entire life?”

My mind did an instant review of my life and all the areas I had stumbled on before getting out of my way. I also remembered conversations with clients over the years on life’s leaps. Before I could say anything, she said, 

“I know what it is. People get so comfortable with what they’ve built, and they don’t want to chance losing it. Their money, their home, they wonder what their family will say?”

Is there anything else?

“Yes. Everybody gets scared and freezes. I’m like that, but I’ve learned to push through fear and go for it – as long as I’m mostly sure I won’t lose what I’ve built.”

We talked a bit more about what it takes to make the changes you want in life and came to three conclusions-

You can do anything when you have a growth mindset and believe that anything is possible. Holding on too tightly to what you have sends the wrong energetic message. When you are willing to expand – you will.

Next, as a human, you will never be comfortable gambling on the very thing that allows you to dream. The solid foundation that takes care of your personal needs is why you desire to self-activate. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs taught us that. Your foundation must remain while you expand.

Finally, fear will always be present when beginning a new adventure. The cure is knowledge. When you know what you have, see your path forward, and have prepared as much as possible for your journey, you will find yourself willing to go for it.

Anything is possible when you protect your foundation, respect the challenge, and honor the dreams whispering to your soul.

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