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Why Live Your Life in Somebody Else’s Dreams?


All I have ever wanted to do is have fun, impact people in a mostly positive way, make them laugh, have a great family and friends, make some money, and not take life too seriously. 

Simple enough.

But in the over-complicated and widely distracting monkey-see-monkey-do world we live in, it’s easy to get what you want and still end up with a superficially satisfying life. In fact, I would suggest such a life is easy to achieve and perfect for anybody willing to get out of bed and join the world.

Life is averagely good.

But what if your inner voice is screaming, “there MUST be MORE?”

Well, there is more. But only if you create it. That may scare you, but it won’t if you realize and accept one thing –

Someone else has created every single experience you have in your day-to-day life.

Somebody else imagined building the city you call home.

Somebody else imagined designing the car you drive.

Somebody else imagined the phone in your pocket.

That fact is, somebody else woke up and decided to turn their dreams into reality –  so that you could live your life inside of their dreams. While that may be fine, maybe it’s time that you let others do the same with your dreams? After all, if they can do it, you can do it – right?

While there is more I can and will cover on this topic, there are three items that a fully actualized adult can do to create any reality of their choosing:

1) Understand that all success begins with internally motivated actions. You get to decide what you want and you can lead the way. The only permission required is yours.

2) The level of happiness and success you attain in life is determined by your ability to mine your thoughts, reveal your inner desires, accept them as your truth, and hold yourself accountable for creating what is essential to you in your life.

3) Every day, you should take time to discern what is important and likely to have a profound effect on your success, survival, and well-being. Then, narrow the focus to what is absolutely necessary and extremely important; essential.

When you dedicate daily focus to build such a strong level of inner-understanding, you will instantly begin creating your new world – and others can start living inside YOUR dreams.