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Why Instant Gratification is The Secret to Success

Why Instant Gratification is The Secret to Success

Russ, from North Carolina, is asking for help with an instant gratification issue. He wrote-

So many people want everything now, thanks to modern technology. Educating people is becoming more difficult because they are looking for instant gratification. If their empty void is not filled quickly enough, they get easily frustrated and give up.

Please do a podcast on converting from instant gratification to goal-driven.

My take on this is probably not what Russ is expecting because instant gratification drives people to get what they want. 

Let me apply a little Scott Logic…

First, there is not one person on the planet who doesn’t want what they want right now. No matter how satisfying hard work is, nobody in their right mind willingly puts off getting what they want. That’s not how humans are wired.

While I know it can be frustrating, business people, governments, and great communicators figured out a long time ago that everybody wants what they want now. That’s never going to change. 

But I have a different take…

‘I want my cake and to eat it too’ – and there’s nothing you can do about it!

In other words, I want little bits of instant gratification to enjoy while working toward my BIG ASS goals. That’s what they call motivation! So does everybody else.

It’s widely known that humans have an attention span that’s less than a goldfish – but as long as I’m willing to keep dropping food into the tank, I can keep their attention.

BIG ASS goals are driven by little bits of reward along the way.

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