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Why Does Life Get in The Way?

If you knew me as a child, one thing would be true; that I was 100% a non-adult and would maximize my time getting away with being cute and funny. That’s what kids do – and I love it.

Children don’t generally ask for permission or forgiveness. That’s has nothing to do with what they want to do. It never enters their mind. It doesn’t matter if it’s a good or bad decision. Once a child decides on their path, nothing will stop them. Most times, exploring Life isn’t an issue. Unless it is dangerous when most parents say—

“Oh, they’re kids. Let them have some fun…”

“They have to learn somehow…”

“They’ll grow out of it someday…”

But sometimes, parents intervene, stop the madness, and crush another childhood dream. While the kids may not know it at the time, Life just got in the way — something worthy of a temper tantrum of epic proportion, and that leads to a realization.

“Someday, when I grow up, I’m going to do what I want to do, and you won’t be able to stop me.”

Fast forward a few years, and the day arrives that every child steps into the real world – only to find out Life has built a big wall in front of everything they ever wanted, and it seems to stop them at every turn. And forget that instead of letting you run free in the world, your parents passed their responsibility of getting in your face and denying your dreams to people who call themself Boss, CPA, Tax Man, Grumpy Old Guy… 

Shall I go on?

Life. It can be a tricky thing that can shut down your dreams, make you turn on your autopilot, and lead you to count the days until you get to retire and have fun again.

Or maybe…

What if it was an imaginary wall? Nothing more than an illusion?

What if all those people who are stopping you don’t care about you at all? Are they just on autopilot too?

What if the reason Life gets in the way is to clear the road for folks like you to follow your dreams while the others are building fortifying the wall?

Always remember, when Life gets in the way, YOU are the way. 

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