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Why a Boring Life is a Boss Life

I live by a mantra that says –

“Almost everything in my day-to-day life should be routine. Consistent. Predictable. Between the lines. Boring. But, occasionally, it’s good to get out of the box, a little on edge, a bit scared, and a lot excited.”

The truth is, you need both. There is also another truth.

Most things that make you happy and successful are pretty mundane.

Improving and enjoying your home…

Paying bills, investing, and saving…

Spending time with family…

Yes, regular life is a boring life. But it’s your consistent routines that are focused on what’s essential that allows you to have incredible highs in your life too!

Have fun and stick to what feels comfortable and working for you. 

After all, most things that make you happy and successful are mundane. It’s not a rut; it’s your comfort zone. 

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