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Why a Balanced Life is a Myth

I always hear, “My goal is to balance my life better.” It’s as if balancing is static and can be achieved and maintained once you have it.

Balance is dynamic, fleeting, ever-changing, and always challenging. Sure, it feels good when you reach equilibrium, but what about all that fun you had on your way there?

I learned about balance when I worked in radio.

My job was to balance the new music everyone wanted to hear, and the old music folks loved to remember. We balanced male and female bands, duos, and anything else musicians would toss at us.

That sure sounds like life. 

Imagine a life of rotating the new and exciting with the mundane and routine. Time for yourself and time for your family. A bit for the boss and time to play.  

Never too much. Never too little. You are always changing. That’s balance. Embrace the journey of the day.