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Who is Your Mastermind?

I get the pleasure of advising dozens of people every week in one-on-one interactions. When you factor in my podcast distribution, I interact with hundreds of thousands of people every week. And there’s one question I always get.

Who advises you? 

Who is your coach? 

Who is your mastermind?

The simple answer may be broader than you’d like, especially if you are looking for a specific solution to apply to yourself. 

The number one member of my mastermind is the person I listen to most. The person I respect the most. The person that will have the most impact on my life is ME. 


Because there is nobody, I listen to more than I listen to myself. 

Having self-awareness about how your mind works, how you think, how you choose to act, what works for you, and what doesn’t work for you is key to a happy and successful life. Like it or not, you are all by yourself regarding what’s happening inside your head. And what happens inside of your head is what dictates what will happen in your life.

Besides myself, who is in my mastermind?

Every person, every situation, every piece of reading, anything and everything, that catches my attention, passes into my ears, around my mind, and everything in between is my mastermind.

When you’re self-aware and paying attention to your thoughts, the world becomes your mastermind. The more aware you are, the more you can sift and sort those knowledge bombs being dropped into your life into what works for you. 

So how about people? 

Are they in my mastermind?

The answer is yes. I have a select group of people, it’s not too large, and it changes over time. I would estimate between five and seven that I can call anytime, ask questions, and seek wisdom. These people can contact me as well. If they have my respect and I have theirs, we pay attention to what we have to say.

Mastermind is defined as many minds working together. But, to take advantage of that power, you must master your mind first.

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