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Using Natural Law to Be Your Best

Personal growth is a journey. It can be a lot of work. It’s also more fun to follow the rules of ‘Natural Law.’

1) The Law of Vibration states that thoughts are things. They are one of the most potent forms of energy. What you think about, you bring about. Pay attention to your thoughts.

2) According to the Law of Polarity, nothing exists without an opposite. Love, hate, hot, cold, yin, and yang. Opposites are different forms of the same thing. Embrace them.

3) The Law of Rhythm states life is a pendulum. What swings left must swing right.   

4) Every effect must have a cause; every cause must have an effect. That’s the Law of Cause and Effect. Everything in life is perpetual and never-ending.

You can speed up your success by understanding how these always-present forces are at work in your life.

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