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Unlocking Your Inner Child With The Power of Anticipation

I love how kids live in the moment while also getting excited about the next fun thing coming.

Maybe it’s time we all begin acting like kids again.

Since you were young, special events made you so excited that sheer anticipation would drive you all day and keep you up at night. 

The trick to harness the power of anticipation is to keep a steady stream of exciting moments in your future. I call this my Anticipation Engine.

Keep these two things to keep in mind:

1) Your energy is dependent on getting excited about your future. Keep your list long – but not too busy.

2) Once an event passes, your excitement will fade. Enjoy the moment. Don’t rush ahead, but make sure you have something fun coming next.

Living a life of anticipation gives a natural energy boost. If your life is monotonous – schedule something fun and get excited again.