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Universe Whispering In Your Ear

Does the Universe whisper to you?

Before I go on, you need to know that I can go pretty deep into the world of woo-woo in my beliefs. Still, the real-world dude in me makes me realize that while it may be fun to ride a unicorn to the coffee shop, I haven’t yet been able to request one from Uber. 

You may believe that your life is already planned for you or that you can ask for what you to manifest. In any case, you can’t deny that something is whispering directions to you all day long.

Are you listening?

While there are many ways people seek to receive messages of guidance as we make life decisions, my favorite has always been events that occur in triplicate. If something happens three times, I pay attention.

Call me hard-headed, distracted, or set in my ways, but life has taught me that wisdom tends to come in whispers – usually when our thoughts are screaming in our heads and drowning out our dreams.

Now, let me be clear…

A friend calling three times to go out on the town doesn’t count in my book.

Snoozing your alarm clock three times isn’t a message from the Universe that you should sleep in more.

The grocery store being out of your favorite chips three times is not a sign that you should go on a diet. 

All that is what they call the “stuff that happens while you’re alive.”

So what counts? 

If I were to describe messages that resonate with me, it would be…

1) Seemingly random situations and people that happen in quick succession or at the same time. 

2) They are different in their approach and appearance, yet each delivers a similar message. At first, it may seem disconnected, but about the other messages, you begin to notice

3) Your message has likely been on your mind, keeping you awake and speaking to you all night. Even though you may not immediately recognize its impact, you find yourself slightly redirected in your search for answers. Your path altered.

While this is only my description of how I know it when the Universe is ganging up on me, I have learned to allow space for a message to arrive. Whether I realize the impact or not, it always motivates my decisions, choices, and future actions. In other words, things change with little effort.