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Two Words That Will Change Your Life: Slow Down

While recovering from Total Hip Replacement, I engaged with a client on a Zoom call. He shared one of his favorite sayings, “Slow is fast, fast is slow,” which made me angry.


First Responders practice “Slow is fast, fast is slow” all the time, so you never see them running to the scene. Pacing themselves is simply safer, more effective, and faster.

A more real-life example of why it’s a good idea to experience a risk-taking, lane-shifting driver passing you five times only to end up sitting next to you at the stop light—or worse.

The reason I was angry was because I had not yet listened to the advice I give high-performance and driven individuals every day of my life —

“SLOW DOWN! Step off the hamster wheel of life, wait for the wheel to stop spinning, and only then, begin your journey to whatever you want.”

What I realized in my recovery from THR was my pre-surgery hamster wheel was still spinning on pure adrenaline, even though my medications and mobility had forced me to a stop a few days earlier. Once I recognized what was happening, I breathed and began my slow journey back to myself.

If you struggle to implement a plan, I can promise you that you are pushing too fast, and until you force yourself to STOP – everything will keep spinning out of control.  

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