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Two Hour Project Productivity Rule

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If you’re spending any time trying to create a more fulfilling life, have you ever found yourself unable to work on meaningful projects?

Of course, we all have. Here’s what usually happens:

1) We make a decision, conscious or unconscious, to spend an entire day or week charging through your project.

2) We “chunk” our project into 15-30 segments that we work on throughout the day.

The challenge happens when we never seem to be able to focus our attention for days or weeks at a time. Years pass, and nothing happens.

Changing our approach to short chunks is equally frustrating because it never allows enough time to get into a flow. That leads to stopping, starting, and not wanting to start again. Years pass, and nothing happens.

A better approach is to block your time into creative chucks and focus on a single project. After that, you can move on to less important items, take a break, and fire up another two-hour block. You could continue your previous focus, or switch to an entirely different project. In any case, days pass, and lots happens.

Without getting too deep, the process works because our focus will naturally diminish in two hours. With practice, you may be able to attain four to six hours. After that, you’re toast.

If you want to get something meaningful done, focus on it two hours a day, every day, and it will be done before you know it.

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