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Traditions Are Happiness

Are you a person who always does things the same way or prefers to change things at every chance?

If you’re lucky, you are both.

Traditions are the secret sauce behind our emotional connection at this time of year. Family get-togethers, office gatherings, crazy shopping crowds?

The traditions make our lives unique and are always present, never forgotten, and form the fabric of our lives. They are very human, and they are essential.

But let’s return to my earlier comment that “traditions make our lives special.”

The fact is, somebody has to make the tradition. 

Is that you?

My wife and I were walking in the neighborhood and noticed Janice was almost finished with her Christmas decorations. I stopped and said—

“Wow. That looks like a lot of work!”

“Yes, it is. But I love it, and it’s my tradition,” she said.

“Well, thank you for making Christmas great for the rest of us.”

Whether Christmas, New Year’s, or any other time, traditions are the same as habits and rituals. They make our lives more fulfilling. But always remember, somebody has to make the tradition so that our worlds are better.

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