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Three Big Success Principles

Three Big Success Principles

Where do you begin when you want success?  

What’s your first step?  

Over 2000 years ago, the philosophy of Stoicism led the way in creating success.

Their lessons still apply today:

1) Clarity. You must see where you are heading. Anything less, and you will spend more time figuring things out than moving forward.

2) Clear The Clutter. Once you know where you are heading, you’ll need to make space. Finish old projects, pay off debt, and organize the garage. Adding more stuff to your stuff will only create frustration.

3) Action. Focused action will get you anywhere fast. However, since activity creates activity, any movement will yield results.  

Know what you want and create the space to bring it into your life. That’s the perfect time to take massive imperfect action and get what you want.

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