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Thinking That Will Make Your Day Better

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Everything we do is guided by what we think is logical in our minds. I call my way of thinking Scott LOGIC.

Is it common sense? Is it experience-based? Is it how I choose to live? Yes. But mostly, it is an endless list of thoughts that make my day better. Here are a few that will no doubt do the same for you.

Life is long enough. But not for everybody. Recognize the difference.

Life goes quickly unless you are bored. Stay busy.

Life passes slowly when you are going fishing tomorrow. 

Some people are too serious. Others are not serious enough. You get to choose who you are.

Standing in another person’s shoes before opening your mouth a best.

The reward for hard work is more work. The reward for being lazy is more lazy.

When you turn your phone off, it won’t ring.

Most things in life should be in moderation. Excess is good now and then.  

It takes a fraction of the time to read a good book than to write a book. That makes reading a book a good investment of your time.

People who read more earn more. People who don’t read don’t understand why.

Saying “I don’t care” means you do care. Do you know what that is?

Everything you experience is filtered through what you hold as the truth. Make sure you are correct in your thoughts.