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The Trick is The Click

The Trick is The Click

If there is anything we learn in life, there is always something to figure out. You would think after a lifetime of figuring things out; we wouldn’t need to do it anymore. But every day, another mystery pops up. It can feel like you are on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon looking for a shortcut to the North Rim. 

Since showing up and going for it every day always serves up challenges. But experience teaches us to trust that something will click. The answer we are seeking will arrive – if we’re patient. Sometimes it will click in our minds in a big way. Others will slip in unnoticed. In any case, the trick is the click. When it happens, life is good. 

We’ve all had clicks in life. It’s a millisecond in time when you figure out a math problem as a child. It’s when you realize that too many french fries, even though they are a vegetable, aren’t good for you. Later in life, it happens when you learn to put your car keys in the same place so that you can find them the next morning. The click is when everything makes sense, you get it, you figure something out, and you know what to do next.

The click is also where you make decisions and momentum is established. It is where dreams become a reality, and you determine your destiny. Those clicks; are pretty powerful.

Whatever you seek in life, refining your ability to focus on your outcome is key. When you allow space for the clicks that unlocks your path, you get there faster. 

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