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How to Set The Right Goals

Are today’s opportunities moving you closer to your goal – or further away?

The Secret to Setting The Right Goals

Some goals happen quickly. Others take longer. A lot longer.

How can you keep your goals alive while you make them a reality?

1) Stop falling for someone else’s goals. Everybody has something they want to achieve. It’s not bad. It could be helpful. In any case, it is a distraction. Know what you want and why you want it.

2) Once you listen to yourself, be sure to commit to your plan and never, ever, ever give up.

3) While you progress, be alert when others insert their goals into your life. They are tricky little things. They’ll distract you without you even knowing.

As you move along, always keep this question in your mind—

“Is this an opportunity that will move me closer to my goal or further away?”

There is only one answer that will improve your life. 

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