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The Goal Paradox: Distractions on the Path to Success

Do you have a long-term goal on paper, a computer file, or in your mind?

Is that a goal that you want so much that it could also be a distraction?

It’s common for me to run into someone working to get what they want. As momentum builds, they decide to take a shortcut. They take a leap of faith and go for it – only to see the dream slip through their fingers and fade.

Why does this happen?

Building toward success also builds self-esteem and excitement. It can be tempting to disrupt the same day-to-day process that has propelled your progress. However, if you jump too soon, those disruptions turn into distractions. When that happens, you undermine the foundation of your success.

What’s the fix?

Achieving big goals is like saving money. Over time, your efforts compound, and you can have anything you want. Be patient, and keep moving.