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The Freedom Formula – Choice and Means

The Freedom Formula – Choice and Means

Every time I walk into the gym, I pump myself up to exercise my body and have somebody else exercise my brain. 

This morning I found myself in a conversation when Ron asked me a question…

“Since you’re a Coach, tell me if I’m right. Your most important goal is always to have freedom in your life – right?”

You should have seen his face when I said, ‘Nope.’ 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an American, and freedom rings in my bones – but there is a cost to getting that freedom, which makes life fun.

I went on to tell Ron that, after a lot of experience, I have settled on two driving forces: the ability to choose and the means to make it happen. 

I believe true freedom comes from choosing the path that makes you a better and happier person AND makes the world a little better because of your choice.

I also believe that having a true choice almost always comes down to having the means to make it happen. Whether it be skill, friends, or money, without the means, you have a minimal choice.

Choice + Means = Freedom. That’s a winning formula no matter where you are in your life.

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