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The Day You Decide Everything Must Change

Choosing to take a different path in life can take years and happens in stages. But there is one stage that is always present before you succeed.

One joy of doing my work is the relationships I have with thousands of people – many on a one-on-one basis. In most cases, these folks have decided to move away from their old life. They are heading off in a new direction, and most have begun their journey. And that’s when things get complicated.

Their decision to change is usually the result of repeating behavior that continues to deliver unwanted results. Eventually, they reach a point where there is no choice but to consider something different. That’s what happens when you wear yourself out, get your ego out of the way, and decide to get moving.

It’s an exciting time, filled with dreams, ideas, and energy. But it can also be a time of confusion. As you seek to find the combination of thoughts and actions that will create your success, building a roadmap is your top priority. And that takes patience.

One day, you realize that you haven’t achieved your goal. Nobody has given you the answer you seek, no matter how well-meaning. Frustration sets in. You almost give up. You find yourself mad as hell and not wanting to take it anymore – and magic happens.

When you understand that the only person who can answer your dreams is you, your dreams will become real. Your energy will serge. You will find yourself with all the motivation you need to create the life that you have been wanting all these years. You will break free of whatever is holding you back. You decide you can’t go back, you won’t hold back, and your time has arrived.

What happens next?

Since the journey is not the destination, you begin to embrace every step you take along the way. You start getting what you want today and even more tomorrow. It never stops.

Frustration is your friend. Stand up. Take a step. Repeat. Keep moving until you create the life of your dreams.

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