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Are Good Intentions Enough?

If you take a minute, you’ll notice the happiest, most successful, and content people live a life of intention. But having an intention is not a magical force reserved for the special few. It implies little more than what you plan to bring about in your life – something I was about to do.

Automatically Motivate Yourself

When most people build a successful life, they often do so with a lack of clarity or precise vision of their future. They have a vague idea. The Universe kicks in gear, an opportunity arrives, and life is good and satisfying—until it’s not.

Are You Focused on The Wrong Things?

When I was a young man, I trained in journalism as part of my broadcast career. Radio stations would send me to the local town meetings and political events. Anything newsworthy. My job was to write a story and deliver it on the air, and I thought I was doing a great job – until my boss called me into his office. He wanted to know why I wasn’t getting to the critical part of the story faster. He said I was distracting from what is important.

One Thing Turns Dreams Into Reality

Laura and I have worked together for over a decade on various projects. Her latest was a move from a long-time career into something she was in which she was more passionate. After several months, her dream transformed into a goal. The roadmap was in place. Action was the only thing needed to turn dreams into reality, and nothing happened.

Remove Your Fear of Change

Are you heading off to school for the first time? Are you getting married after being single forever? Could it be accepting a new job in a strange town? 

Calculating Your Success

That was the question on my client’s mind when I stopped by for a visit. His new business was growing but slower than expected, and he was beginning to wonder if his dreams would come true. Stress was high, and time and money were running out.

Recovering When You Feel Lost

A few years ago, I was a 150-hour pilot. I was flying a Cessna 172 to pick up my daughter for a weekend visit from the University of Florida—a trip I’ve made a dozen times. It had been an uneventful flight, then, about 15 minutes from landing, it happened…

A Different Way of Planning

First to consider is that non-stop and continuous planning of every task every day is exhausting. It only adds another level of stress to your day.