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Never Miss a Good Opportunity

I’ll never forget that warm September day I decided to get a membership at a new gym. They had been in pre-sale for months, and I had finally decided to drag myself off the sofa and grab a pre-opening special before it was gone.

Are You Stuck in The Middle?

I was speaking with a client who was trying to be everything to everybody. His business was not growing. His life was not happy. He couldn’t seem to find a way to make progress.  

Clear Your Clutter, Clear Your Mind

I was on the phone with a client this morning, and we ran into that situation. We began dealing with it a few months ago, and it’s still rearing its ugly head in her life. 

Why a Balanced Life is a Myth

Balance is dynamic, fleeting, ever-changing, and always challenging. Sure, it feels good when you reach equilibrium, but what about all that fun you had on your way there?

Imperfect Steps to Perfect Dreams

The most appealing aspect of anything new in your life always happens initially -when it’s still a dream inside your head. It’s when it’s time to take actual action that folks slow down – fast!

Endure to Earn. Questions For Resilience

A few years ago, I was chatting with a friend about business. He owned a struggling martial arts school and was crafting a master plan to grow in the coming year.  

Rough Roads Smooth Successes

Success is a journey that brings out the best in you. Arriving at your destination will make you desire another journey. 

Filter, Focus, and Prioritize Your Path

My wife and I were having dinner this weekend. She finally asked, “Are you going to tell me what you’re doing for Operation Reinvention this Summer? I want to help.”