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Success Happens When You…

I want to become the person I am meant to be.

That’s something that I hear daily in my life from people all over the world. Frankly, beyond living a joyful life, I can’t think of anything more important than growing to become who you know you are on the inside.

Most people tend to work in different areas of their life. All will say that family and friends are the most important, but they tend to focus on their career and legacy – especially after the kids move out. But here is a problem…

For many years, most people, including myself, tended to get lost in developing specific areas of their lives while others were on hold. While outwardly successful, they wouldn’t be on the phone with me if everything was going perfectly. It’s not, it’s hit or miss, and that is causing sleepless nights.

A solution is an ALL-IN approach to living.

Over time, I’ve developed the solid belief that whatever you deem as your ultimate best use of your life will only happen after you have evolved every area of your life – and do it every day.

Focusing on your business and achieving success at the highest levels only happens when the other areas of your life are balanced.

Raising your children to be the best can only happen when the other areas of your life balance.

Developing your spiritual being will only happen at a deeply satisfying level when all other areas of your life are balanced.

In other words, you will only achieve your personal best when your body, mind, relationships, and finances are working in synchronicity to support your journey: any other strategy is hit or miss. 

The goal is simple.

Every day you should do something to develop, maintain, and grow every critical area of your life. It doesn’t have to be big, but it does have to happen. No, things won’t be perfect every day, but it’s incredible how all those imperfect days add up to a pretty good life.