Stress-Free Weekly Productivity

Stress-Free Weekly Productivity

I have a saying –

“Next year begins THIS year. Next month begins THIS month. Next week begins THIS week.”

If you want to stay on track, accomplish your goals, and enjoy life more – you MUST take control of your calendar. It’s easier than you think:

1) Life will come at you FAST! Be sure to schedule any significant and can’t miss life events at least one year in advance. Put it on the calendar and block it out. You can always change your mind.

2) Hold your space. Decide in advance what you will be doing with your days. When will you work on projects? When will you see clients? When will you have fun? 

3) Never end one week without locking in your schedule for the next – and stick to it. 

The future is always brighter when your day-to-day focus fulfills your goals this week. Focus, my friend. Focus.

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