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Strategies for Getting Things Done

As always, 2023 is a year that gives us new challenges every day. With many working remotely, the question of productivity is coming up more and more.

So how do we get things done in this environment?

I’m a fan of planning a week in advance and holding space on my schedule for what needs to be done. There’s nothing like giving yourself a pre-determined amount of time and trying to shoehorn everything on your list into it.

But we can improve on that method:

1) Delete it. Review every task and decide if it’s something that needs your attention.

2) Delegate it. If the task rises to a level of importance, ask yourself if somebody else can do it. If so, pass it on.

3) Delay it. This option only applies to items you may need or want to spend time on in the future. Hide it away where you won’t look at it every day. Someday, when you have time, you can decide what to do.

4) Do it. Sometimes the buck stops with you. Now that everything else is off your plate, you can schedule a time to complete it.

Winning the day is about making sure the most important things in your life get done. What will that be today?