Stop Embarrassing Yourself Now

Stop Embarrassing Yourself Now

Have you ever caught yourself doing or saying something you swore you would never do?  

You have been TRIGGERED!

It can be frustrating when you set the rules and don’t follow them. Sometimes you put your foot in your mouth. Sometimes you put the pizza in your mouth. In any case, your emotional habits are triggering your actions before you can do anything about them.

Controlling behaviors that have been on auto-pilot for years takes:

1) Catching yourself after the fact. Notice your mistake and see it coming sooner next time.

2) Catching yourself being triggered as it’s happening. You’re getting better.

3) Catch yourself before you act and stop it. That’s the goal.

Emotional Triggers can throw you off track from your goals. Pay attention to your behaviors and make minor adjustments until you get what you want.

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