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Stoic Philosophy Rules That Apply Today

In 300 BC, political life was driving people crazy. To calm the masses, several schools of philosophy popped up. Stoicism was one of them. Many of its teachings resonate today.

1) The mind is your power. It is not an outside event. 

2) Time is your most precious resource. There is no time for regrets.

3) Be present. Stop and spend time with yourself.

4) Be grateful for what you have by imagining how much you would miss what you have.

5) Don’t look for happiness in the material. Wealth is in having few wants.

6) See that everything you experience originates from within. Your perception is all that matters.

7) Have a role model to measure your character. Once you find them, you’ll have a benchmark to gauge your progress.

8) Change your perspective on failure. Failure itself is no misfortune; to endure it and prevail is great good fortune.

9) Apply what you learn. Learning is like training weights for your mind. Be sure to use your new strength.

Why reinvent the wheel when some old-school wisdom already has it figured out?

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