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Steps to fulfillment

I often run across a lesson that makes a difference in my life. This one came from the time I spent with Tony Robbins in 2006. When it comes to building Momentum, it’s still relevant today:

1) Get Clear. Confusion creates paralysis.

2) Get Certain. You must believe it is possible.

3) Get Excited. Light your hair on fire, kick yourself in the butt and take on your life.

4) Get Focused. Distraction is the result of a lack of focus. Avoid it at all cost.

5) Get Committed. You are going to do it or not. Decide today.

6) The hardest part is starting. Get Momentum. Once you get moving, never lose that Momentum.

7) Get Smart. Trust your gut. You know what’s right for you. If you’re not getting what you want, use your brain and change direction.

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