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Starting Over 

What actions would you take if forced to start over again?

Here’s what I would do:

1) Get absolute clarity and focus. What ONE thing do you want your life and lifestyle to be?

2) Confirm your WHY. Success takes time. Long-lasting success isn’t guaranteed. Owning a strong WHY will allow you the flexibility to persevere forever.

3) Clear the clutter. You can’t move forward with the weight of your past on your shoulders. Debt? Bad relationships? Health issues? Fix them and move on.

4) Take control of your schedule and your time. Of everything you own, time is your most valuable asset. Don’t squander it.

5) Massive Imperfect Action. You will never be stuck as long as you keep shaking the trees. Do something. Anything. Notice your results. Do it again. Do it until you get what you want.

It’s not about learning more. It’s about taking control of the basics and using what you already know.

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