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Simple Productivity Strategies

Are you find yourself needing to get more done? You might consider creating more productivity.

The first rule of being more productive is deciding what is important to you. The second rule is to take control of your day. 

A few simple adjustments can change everything:

1) Say, “Yes” to yourself before you say it to others. Meetings, phone calls, casual conversations. If that doesn’t work, say “No” to anything not currently on your list. 

2) Control where you focus your attention. Including incoming communication like email and social media. Avoid being recruited onto someone else’s To-Do list.

3) No matter how much control you gain, interruptions are always around. You may as well expect, plan, and allow time for them.

4) Only schedule 50% of your schedule. That will allow time for the unexpected. If nothing shows up, stay focused on what you need to complete.

5) Multi-tasking is a myth. If possible, finish one task before the next. You cross the finish line sooner. 

What happens next? EVERYTHING! Keep moving forward, and you’ll get everything you want.

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