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Seize Control Now With No More Waiting

When you feel in control, are you happier?

I created ‘Do What Makes Your Heart Sing a few years ago.’ While it was about being happy, it’s core teaching became my best practice.

1) Stop fixin’ to get ready. If you want something, there is no reason to put it off. Could you go out and get it today?

2) Ask for help. We all need help. Millions of people are waiting for you to ask them.

3) Slow down when it gets bumpy. Going after big goals will lead you down rough roads. Those are when you slow down, stay focused, and keep moving – as fast as possible.

4) Fly it into the barn. Good pilots continue to fly their airplanes until they are safely tied down on the ground. Keep going until you get 100% of what you want.

5) Be smart—set goals. Don’t argue. This one is simple. Trust and use your wisdom and instinct. Set goals to keep you reaching for what you want. Seek solutions that keep you moving.

6) Don’t give monkeys piggyback rides. If you let them, other people will happily put THEIR monkey on YOUR back. Deal with your challenges. Let them do the same.

7) Practice daily P.Y.O.T.B. You are your own best cheerleader. Be sure to pat yourself on your back and say, “I done GOOD!”

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