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Returning To Your Dreams

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Returning To Your Dreams

Can you remember a time when you filled your thoughts with dreams and ambitions? 

That’s how most of us live our early lives – until the real world splits into two distinct periods:

1) BEFORE life gets in the way. Anything IS possible. It’s a beautiful time when you run as fast as you can toward your goals. Even if your parents disagree.

2) AFTER life gets in the way. Anything WAS possible. Life is good, but it’s not what you expected. Your parents would have said, “I told you so.”

What if it was possible to remember what you wanted and why you wanted it?

What if you could stand on a foundation of wisdom and experience?

What if you combine what you have now with what you want? 

That would be a great new life, wouldn’t it?

Wait. It is possible. 

All you have to do is remember what you wanted all these years and start running after it again.

Run fast. You’ve waited long enough.

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