Responding To Your Inner-Voice

Inside all of you right now are dreams, desires, and visions of your future. If you pay attention, you can hear your inner voice nudging you in that direction. Something it’s been doing for years. 

Whether your inner voice is whispering for you to begin moving toward your dreams or stop a behavior that’s holding you back, it will never stop reminding you until you take action. That is where challenges happen.

It’s common for a person who finally listens to their inner voice to react eventually. They spring into action mode and begin moving as if it were an emergency, and they are driving the rescue vehicle 70 miles per hour to their destination. The result of reacting is almost always ending in disaster and making the problem worse.

There’s a reason they don’t call them ‘First Reactors.’

If you’ve ever observed a first responder in action, you have noticed that they are trained, equipped, follow a plan of action, and never react. They always respond in a thoughtful and calculated manner and are entirely focused on their mission and outcome.

The next time your inner voice provokes you to move, take a minute, think long-term, and respond with actions that will move toward your outcome. That’s how you build never-ending momentum.

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