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Remove Your Fear of Change

I woke up this morning with the realization that a life-changing event was looming in my future. I needed to wrap my head around the mindset adjustments I would need to make before changing my mind and running the other way.

All of us have made decisions that, if we did, would change our world overnight. 

Are you heading off to school for the first time? Are you getting married after being single forever? Could it be accepting a new job in a strange town? 

It doesn’t matter how excited you are. It doesn’t matter how well you have justified your upcoming change. It doesn’t matter how adventurous your spirit is. Life-changing decisions can feel like you’re launching on a mission to mars without your space suit. 

But there’s one thing I know for sure –

Life is all about getting from where you are today to where you will be tomorrow. It’s the transformation from what you have to what you could have that excites growth in our lives. 

So, what is that uncomfortable feeling that you have in your gut?

Every one of us views ourselves as who we are on the inside—our identity. Since life is real and the future is not realized, feeling apprehensive is a natural response. 

What you need is a “Transitional Identity” to get you from today to tomorrow.

“I’ve always been a hometown person, and now I’m learning to become a citizen of the world.”

“I’ve always been single, but I’m becoming the best relationship person I can be. My future spouse deserves that.”

“I’ve never climbed this high on the corporate ladder; now I’m becoming the leader everybody deserves.”

Transitional Identities are a simple way to ease the fear of the unknown—even if it’s self-inflicted.

As your future becomes more accurate, your Transitional Identity will transition you into a new life, and you will become a new you.

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