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Raising Your Self-Confidence

Raising Your Self-Confidence

I got off the phone with a client who told me I insulted her with a comment on a recent call. I said, “Your self-confidence is low, and that’s okay. Everybody has low self-confidence – even if they walk with a swagger that says otherwise.”

It turns out she had spent the entire day thinking about my comment. She didn’t realize that I was only referring to a moment in time along her journey. 

We had a short conversation and sorted things out. Afterward, I sent this –

No matter how long you live, how much you succeed, or how much swagger you have in your walk, there will always be someplace where you feel like the underdog. It’s the same way for everybody. As soon as you take the next step, your self-confidence is forever boosted – until the next step arrives. The process will continue throughout your life.

If you want unstoppable self-confidence, get used to feeling uncomfortable and taking action anyway. 

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